Faculty-Student STEM Communities

The STEM Communities project is a comprehensive effort to support student-centered instructional change across the College of Science and Engineering at Texas State University. This project is supported by a five-year, $2.5 million NSF grant entitled "Creating Faculty-Student Communities for Culturally Relevant Institutional Change." It officially launched in Fall 2019. Programmatic components provide STEM faculty and students with opportunities to engage in workshops, department instructional assessments, redesign of lower-division gateway courses, and project-level decision making. Participating STEM departments receive multifaceted intellectual, material, and logistical supports to empower faculty-student teams in developing sustainable communities focused on culturally relevant instruction. The project also involves three research strands that focus on communities among faculty and students, STEM student trajectories at Texas State, and student graduation rates and STEM workforce outcomes for Texas State and other Hispanic Serving Institutions.

Faculty Opportunities

Interested faculty in the College of Science and Engineering have multiple ways to get involved. We have professional development events and opportunities to join one of our established teams.
Dr. Ivan Ojeda Ruiz at the LA poster presentations
Three students chatting during preparatory session

Student Opportunities

Students who have completed a course that has Learning Assistants (LAs) can apply to become LAs. Applications are due in November and April. Returning LAs also serve on our LA Advisory Committee.

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Please check out our project news and leadership team to learn more about us.