STEM Communities Learning Assistant Program

The core mission of our STEM Communities Learning Assistant Program is to provide support for faculty-student instructional teams to collaboratively redesign and teach gateway STEM courses in ways that increase success for all students.
Our Learning Assistants are undergraduate students who, through the guidance of weekly preparation sessions with faculty members and a pedagogy course, facilitate discussions and activities among groups of students in a variety of classroom settings that encourage active engagement in introductory Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses.

Faculty Opportunities

Interested faculty in the College of Science and Engineering have multiple ways to get involved. We have professional development events and opportunities to join one of our established teams.
Dr. Ivan Ojeda Ruiz at the LA poster presentations
Four students presenting during community session

Student Opportunities

Students who have completed a course that has Learning Assistants (LAs) can apply to become LAs. Applications are due in November and April. Returning LAs also serve on our LA Advisory Committee.

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Please check out our project news and leadership team to learn more about us.