Student Opportunities

Undergraduate students can become Learning Assistants (LAs) for one of our supported courses or benefit from the improved instructional approaches and peer guidance in these courses. LAs support their peers' learning by guiding student groups through challenging activities during class. In the STEM Communities Project, LAs are also working in faculty-student teams to find / develop / modify student-centered activities for specific courses.

LAs working together

Learning Assistant Application

Students can support their peers by applying to be an LA. Applications open in October and March. Returning LAs can also serve on our LA Advisory Committee.

LA Opportunity

Applications for Fall 2024 are now closed. Applications for Spring 2025 will open in October. Watch the video below to learn more about this opportunity!

STEM Pedagogy Course

New LAs have opportunities to evaluate the process of STEM teaching and learning and examine structures and practices that facilitate and/or inhibit student learning in a 2-credit STEM Cognition and Pedagogy course (HON 3210 / BIO 3210 / PHYS 3210).
LAs presenting at the Pedagogy Poster Session

Learn about LAs' experiences in the pedagogy course by watching the video below!

LAs at prep

Planning with faculty

LAs and faculty meet in weekly preparation sessions to prepare for upcoming classes. Weekly preparation sessions also include community discussions about inclusive STEM teaching and learning.

Transformed Courses

Students are also impacted by getting to know LAs in their courses. STEM Communities currently is supporting LAs in sections of BIO 1330, BIO 1331, CHEM 1341, CHEM 3375, PHYS 1335, and PHYS 1345. If you are a STEM major, chances are you have met one of our LAs!

Meet with LAs outside of class

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