Study Centers

If you are a student in an LA-supported course, you can interact with LAs outside of class in a study center specific to your department / course. In these study centers, LAs will listen carefully to you, help you clarify your ideas, and diagnose your understanding. They will ultimately provide guidance in the form of a line of questioning or suggestions that are suited specifically to your situation and will help you move from your current understanding to the target understanding. 

LAs do not aim to provide you with answers; rather, they are here to help you in the process of figuring out the answers for yourself.

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Supported courses: BIO 1330 - Functional Biology; BIO 1331 - Organismal Biology

Location(s): Supple 313

Lead contacts: Dr. Erica Nierth (BIO 1330), Dr. Andrea Aspbury (BIO 1331)

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Supported courses: CHEM 1341 - General Chemistry I (select sections)

Location: Centennial 405

Lead contact: Mr. Duke Willoughby


Supported courses: PHYS 1335, PHYS 1345, PHYS 1430, PHYS 2425, PHYS 2435. Physics majors / minors are also welcome to use this space to study.

Location: Roy F. Mitte 3rd floor, in the open area across from classroom 3224 / office 3227

Lead contact: Dr. Eleanor Close

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There are currently no LA-supported math courses. There has been LA support in selected sections of MATH 2472 (Calculus II) in the past.

Students wanting to study for math courses can visit the Math CATS tutoring center.

How can you use the study centers productively?

  • You can work with other students.
  • You can work by yourself.
  • You can explain your current understanding to other students and to LAs.
  • You can ask specific questions about course content or assignments.
  • You can get advice about study skills.

What should you expect from LAs in study centers?

  • LAs are expected to listen carefully to you and help you clarify your ideas.
  • LAs are expected to help facilitate discussions among students.
  • LAs are expected to provide guidance that is appropriate for your current level of understanding.
  • LAs are expected to help you learn how to learn.

What should you *NOT* expect from LAs in study centers?

  • LAs are NOT expected to re-teach you the course material. 
  • LAs are NOT expected to check whether your homework answers are correct. 
  • LAs are NOT expected to give you their undivided attention if there are other students also seeking guidance at that time.
  • LAs are NOT expected to work with you when they are not “on-duty” (e.g., if they are using the study center as a study space for themselves).