STEM Communities Leadership

Leadership Overview

The STEM Communities Project involves collaborative leadership from the project team, faculty who serve as course redesign team leaders, and undergraduate students who serve as Learning Assistant advisory committee members. These 3 branches are reflected in the 3 puzzle pieces in our project logo.

Project Team - Senior Personnel

Dr. Heather Galloway

Principal Investigator

Dean, Honors College

Dr. Li Feng

Co-Principal Investigator

Professor, Finance and Economics

Dr. Alice Olmstead

Co-Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Physics

Dr. Eleanor Close

Co-Principal Investigator

Associate Professor, Physics

Dr. Cynthia Luxford

Co-Principal Investigator

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Charles Ramey II

Postdoctoral Researcher

Honors College

Project Team - Student Researchers

Daniel Payan
Undergraduate Researcher

Faculty Team Leaders


BIO 1330 - Functional Biology

Dr. Erica Nierth
Senior Lecturer

BIO 1331 - Organismal Biology

Dr. Andrea Aspbury
Senior Lecturer

Chemistry & Biochemistry

CHEM 1341 - General Chemistry I

Duke Willoughby

CHEM 3375 - Principles of Biochemistry

Dr. Karen Lewis
Associate Professor


MATH 2472 - Calculus II

Dr. Iván Ojeda-Ruiz
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Cody Patterson
Assistant Professor


PHYS 1335 - General Physics I for Life Sciences Majors

Dr. Brandon Lunk
Senior Lecturer

Undergraduate Student Leaders

Fall 2022 Learning Assistant Advisory Committee

Iman Nash

Animal science (pre-vet) major,
Psychology minor

Alexis Kerr

Biology major,
Sociology minor

Lauren Spencer

Biology major,
Business administration minor

Project Leadership Alumni

Project Team Alumni

Egla Ochoa-Madrid
Public Relations Lead

Dr. Mavreen Rose Tuvilla
Postdoctoral Researcher

Babitha Govindaiah
Graduate Research Assistant

Hannah Castro
Undegraduate Researcher

Dr. Brianne Gutmann
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Amreen Nasim Thompson
Postdoctoral Researcher

Alexander Vasquez
Undergraduate Researcher

Dr. Jiwoo An Pierson
Postdoctoral Researcher

Venkata Sowjanya Koka
Graduate Research Assistant

Itzel Herrera
Undergraduate Researcher


Learning Assistant Advisory Committee Alumni

Venus Stanton
Spring 2022

Teresa Luna
Spring 2022

Bridget Bangert
Spring 2022

Chloe Hansom
Spring 2022

External Advisors

External Evaluator

Dr. Kavita Mittapalli
CEO, MN Associates, Inc.

Advisory Board

Dr. Tessa Andrews
Associate Professor, Genetics
University of Georgia

Dr. Araceli Martinez Ortiz
Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Chemical Engineering / Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching
University of Texas - San Antonio

Dr. Daniel Reinholz
Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
San Diego State University

Dr. Mel Sabella
Professor, Physics
Chicago State University

Additional support for the STEM Communities Project is provided by Honors College staff.