CoSE News and Headlines - 2021

December 2021

December 20 | Featured Faculty
Robert McLean looks to safeguard clean water in space

December 15 | Research & Innovation
NASA grants allow Texas State to explore the future of construction on the moon and Mars

December 15 | Featured Faculty
Texas State has record-breaking year for NSF CAREER award recipients

November 2021

November 29 | Inside TXST
Graduate College Selects 2021-2022 Outstanding Mentor and Master’s Thesis Awards Recipients

November 5 | Featured Faculty
Texas State wins third prize, Crowd Favorite in national Hyperspace Challenge

October 2021

October 29 | Research & Innovation
Texas State researchers to explore state-of-the-art lossy compression

October 21 | Research & Innovation
THECB approves new B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering

October 21 | Research & Innovation
Texas State lands grant to promote STEM success among Hispanic, low-income students

October 14 | Faculty featured
Gulf Research Program awards Lauren Fuess Early-Career Research Fellowship

September 2021

September 30 | Research & Innovation
Dell, Texas State partner on high-speed computing case study

September 29 | Student achievements
Texas State welcomes Fulbright Israel Master's Outreach Fellow

September 17 | Student achievements
Computer Science Majors complete summer internship with the Department of Homeland Security

September 8 | Research & Innovation
Undergraduates study eye development in blind salamanders under NSF grant

August 2021

August 31 | Inside TXST
Texas State breaks ground on Infrastructure Research Laboratory

August 17 | Research & Innovation
'Celestial Sleuth' corrects historical record on gegenschein discovery

August 5 | Research & Innovation
NSF CAREER grant supports research into fungal diseases decimating amphibians

July 2021

July 21 | Alumni Impact
Alumna is inaugural recipient of diversity and inclusion award

July 20 | Research & Innovation
NASA MUREP grant to fund study of Great Lakes vulnerability to global change

July 16 | Research & Innovation
Texas State, UT-Austin land NSF grant for Center for Intelligent Materials Assembly

July 1 | Research & Innovation
Healing with a Clear Target

July 2 | Featured faculty
Texas State University announces first recipient of Denise M. Trauth Endowed Presidential Research Professorship

June 2021

June 21 | Featured faculty
Texas State's Drewery, Shi named 2021 USDA E. Kika De La Garza Fellows

June 9 | Student achievements
Computer Science doctoral students earn notable industry internships

May 2021

May 30 | Inside TXST
Ikehata Lab Develops New Green Technology to Produce Drinking Water

May 30 | Inside TXST
Rodriguez Lab Investigates Fungi Infecting Reptiles and Amphibians

May 28 | Featured faculty
Tanaka awarded NSF CAREER grant for higher algebra, symplectic geometry research

May 26 | Student achievements
Biology doctoral student from Ecuador wins two national fellowships

May 17 | Research & Innovation
Zero waste automated hydroponic/aquaponic lab merges student retention with research

April 2021

April 28 | Featured faculty
Todd Hudnall named fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

April 1 | Research & Innovation
Texas State's Martin Burtscher tackles computational challenge of modeling plasma torch

March 2021

March 31 | Inside TXST
Computer Science taking a bigger byte of enrollment

March 15 | Research & Innovation
The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Where ideas can become a business venture

February 2021

February 11 | Research & Innovation
Researchers discover new role of protein in sumoylation and regulating DNA damage repair

February 11 | Featured faculty
NSF CAREER grant fosters research into quantum dot qubits

January 2021

January 21 | Featured faculty
USBR grant funds research into contaminant detection for water reclamation systems