CoSE News and Headlines - 2022

December 2022

December 9 | Featured News
Texas State awards its first Unity Technologies Scholar

November 2022

November 30 | Research & Innovation
Texas State's 'Celestial Sleuth' dates night of inspiration for Georgia O’Keeffe’s first cityscape

October 2022

October 13 | Research & Innovation
STAR Park’s Stephen Frayser honored by association of university research parks

October 12 | Featured Faculty
Bahram Asiabanpour named SME 2022 Distinguished Faculty Advisor

October 5| Research & Innovation
'Celestial Sleuth' unravels historical mysteries of Longfellow poem and King John’s lost crown jewels

September 2022

September 14| Research & Innovation
NIH grant fosters innovative research into fungal infections affecting bats, humans

September 9 | Research & Innovation
CIEDAR Smart Cities Lab dedication hosted at STAR Park

August 2022

August 12 | Featured Faculty
TSUS Foundation names five from Texas State as 2022 Regents' Award recipients

August 10 | Research & Innovation
Texas State, Stratajam land NSF grant to reduce mineral exploration costs

August 7 | Research & Innovation
Texas State engineering gets $250,000 grant to improve pavement condition data collection

August 5 | Research & Innovation
Texas State tapped by DOE to improve climate change forecasting through use of machine learning

July 2022

July 1 | Research & Innovation
Texas State student researchers get EPA grant to prevent shoreline erosion, protect environment

June 2022

June 24 | Research & Innovation
U.S. Department of Energy fosters research into solar energy reliability for vulnerable communities

June 21 | Featured Faculty
Texas State professor enhancing safety for older adults through technology

June 13 | Staff Contributor
Texas State Graduate Students Honored with P.E.O. International Peace Scholarships

June 8 | Research & Innovation
NSF taps Texas State to develop cutting-edge research microscope

May 2022

May 25 | Research & Innovation
Anterix partnership brings 4G/5G research network to Texas State

May 18 | Student Experience
Texas State CaerusCrete team takes first at 2022 NASA MINDS competition

May 17 | Featured Faculty
NAAHP honors Marilyn Banta with Carol Baffi-Dugan Award

May 16 | Student Experience
Meet some of the TXST students applying groundbreaking tech at STAR Park

May 3 | Featured Faculty
Biology's David Lemke named 25th Piper Professor at Texas State

April 2022

April 28 | Inside TXST
Texas State, Department of Education offer GAANN Fellowships for computer science doctoral students

April 19 | Student Experience
Texas State students past and present receive NSF graduate research fellowships

April 18 | Student Experience
Students lead groundbreaking research alongside faculty mentors

April 18 | Student Experience
Students lead groundbreaking research alongside faculty mentors

April 8 | Research & Innovation
International collaboration seeks to mitigate flood risk, optimize evacuations

April 7 | Research & Innovation
Texas State partners with UT-Austin for research and education in materials science

March 2022

March 24 | Student Experience
Engineering students get hands-on learning with a paycheck

March 15 | Inside TXST
Texas State renews membership in 5+ Club with 7 new physics teacher graduates

February 2022

February 22 | Research & Innovation
NSF grant establishes REU site for undergrad research into smart, connected communities, health

February 22 | Student Experience
Graduate student Wren Vogel challenges common perceptions on how we can use invasive plants to make good things

February 16 | Inside TXST
Texas State Computer Science partners with Meta with Engineer in Residence program

February 14 | Student Experience
Hammond and Umali win awards at Texas State University Innovation Lab at SXSW

February 9 | Research & Innovation
NSF CAREER grant fosters research into autonomous systems, increasing math majors

January 2022

January 24 | Research & Innovation
Texas State University researchers eagerly await data from NASA's new $10 billion telescope

January 20 | Research & Innovation
Trade you: Texas State researcher swapping asteroid samples with Japanese space agency

January 21 | Research & Innovation
Texas State physicist to use James Webb Space Telescope to study water delivery to exoplanets

January 21 | Research & Innovation
Big plans, projects ahead for CIEDAR