Tutoring & Study Aids

Do you feel like you need a little extra help in some or all of your classes? 

Texas State offers various FREE tutoring services for currently enrolled students.  Check out some or all of the services listed below.

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  • Get free, walk-in tutoring in 40+ basic and advanced science, engineering, and math courses at the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC). The CLC is specifically designed for students in the College of Science and Engineering. CLC tutors are current STEM majors who have completed the courses in which you need help. They are a great resource for our majors! Follow the link below to view the current semester's CLC tutoring schedule:

    CLC Location: Ingram Hall, 3rd Floor, #3202
    Phone: 512-245-1674
    Email: clc@txstate.edu
    CLC Tutoring Schedule

  • The Computer Science department offers free tutoring for students in an entry-level computer science course. Topics include:

    • Assembly
    • C/C++
    • Calculus
    • Computer Architecture
    • Data Structures
    • Discrete Math
    • Fundamentals of Technology
    • Operating Systems
    • UNIX Programming

    Please see the Computer Science website or call 512-245-3409 for more information.

  • Free tutoring for all Texas State students currently enrolled in math courses.

    Derrick Hall, room 238




  • The Physics Help Center is located just outside room 3224 of the R. F. Mitte Building.  It is staffed from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm by physics Learning Assistants who are available to help with homework or other course related issues.

  • The SLAC Lab provides free academic assistance to students in many subjects, including math and science.  They are a great resource for your general education core classes, freshman-level math and science courses.  They also offer services in skill development in reading textbooks, taking notes, taking tests, overcoming procrastination, managing time, and setting goals.

    Alkek Library, 4th Floor

  • The Writing Center's trained tutors provide one-to-one counseling in writing for Texas State students at any level of study. This includes help with all types of writing such as essays, research papers, cover letters, essay exams, and resumes. Tutors can even help you to organize your PowerPoint presentations effectively!

    ASBN - 1st Floor

  • Check out Quizlet. This free website allows you to creat virtual flashcards and play games.

  • Private, for-pay tutors can be requested through SLAC or through individual departments.

    To request a private tutor through SLAC, as well as check if your desired subject is available, visit the SLAC "Request a private tutor" form.

  • KhanAcademy.org provides an extensive library of videos covering science topics such as biology, chemistry, computer science, math, and physics. The video library also includes the humanities, such as economics. Videos topics are separated into 10-minute, digestible segments.

    A great supplement to on-campus resources, such as tutoring and your instructor.

Finally, utilize your professors! They are a great resource and want you to learn. Visit during their office hours or send them an email. If you have a specific question or concept that you are struggling with, it is best to let them know - it provides a starting point for the conversation.