Flowcharts are a visual representation of the course requirements for College of Science and Engineering degrees, as well as the prerequisites listed in the undergraduate catalog. Flowcharts are specific to the major and catalog year.

If you are following an older catalog, your requirements may differ. Course availability may change from semester to semester. Please check the schedule of classes for the latest availability. Additionally, prerequisites can be changed each year.

To determine your catalog year:

  1. Log into Self-Service Banner
  2. Click on "Student"
  3. Select "Degree Audit"
  4. Discover your catalog year on the lower right of the first block of text.

Alternatives & Accessibility

If you prefer not to request a degree flowchart, you can visit the Undergraduate Catalog to read about course requirements for each degree, as well as course descriptions that list prerequisites.

If you would like to request information contained in our flowcharts in an alternative format or request any other reasonable accommodation, please contact us via email. Please provide the URL (web address) or other relevant information on the material you would like to access and your preferred format for accessing the information. We will work with you to make that information accessible to you.