Staff Performance Leave Policy

COSE/PPS 04.04.30

Effective Date: 12/2022

Next Review Date: 12/01/2024

Sr. Reviewer: COSE Dean

Policy Statement

Texas State University is committed to supporting its employees in a way which promotes and sustains positive, productive, and safe working environments. The university ensures that full use is made of individual, sick, and other leave entitlements to support a positive work-life balance.

01. Scope

01.01 In accordance with Texas State University policy, departments must establish criteria for giving the staff performance leave award and outline the criteria in departmental policy.

01.02 The College of Science and Engineering has established criteria for the award that are applicable to all departments, schools, and other administrative units within the college. The college policy replaces the need for individual departments to establish separate policies.

02. Related Policy

02.01 See UPPS No. 04.04.30, University Leave Policy, for more information.

03. Procedures

03.01 A department or school within the College of Science and Engineering may grant leave with pay for up to 32 hours per fiscal year to reward staff for outstanding performance. The Department Chair or School Director may grant an Outstanding Performance Award to a full-time staff member who meets any of the following criteria:

  • Works above and beyond regular duties, on assignments for an extended but temporary period.
  • Leads or significantly contributes to a University, Divisional or Departmental strategic initiative outcome.
  • Achieves University performance review eligibility for a merit increase and no merit pay funds are available for rewarding employee performance.
  • Significantly exceeds expectations for merit during the University performance review cycle.
  • Develops a new idea or process improvement that increases efficiency or enhances the quality of services.

03.02 Outstanding Performance Awards will not exceed two days (16 hours) for any single criterion listed.

03.03 Faculty who wish to nominate a staff member for an outstanding performance award should send an email to the Chair or Director describing the activity for which the staff member is being nominated and indicate which of the criteria above has been met.

03.04 The Chair or Director will maintain a log of the performance/behavior being rewarded and the number of hours of leave awarded. The departmental time administrator will log performance awards approved by the Chair or Director and ensure that employees do not claim paid leave more than the performance awards granted per fiscal year. The Supervisor must approve the use of leave prior to usage.

03.05 Staff who report to other administrative units within the college such as Shared Research Operations and the Dean’s office staff are eligible for performance leave provided they meet the criteria outlined in 03.01. The administrative unit supervisor may grant an Outstanding Performance Award.

Approved by Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Gene Bourgeois

November 9, 2022