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Department Instructional Assessment: Initial Questionnaire

Strengthen relationships with your department colleagues and learn about instructional outcomes for minoritized students who enroll in your courses.

Departmental teams of three or more CoSE faculty should submit responses to our initial questionnaire (below) by October 8 for full consideration for Fall 2021-Spring 2022* instructional assessment support.

Participating teams will...

  • Investigate their pressing questions about student engagement and outcomes with the support of our data collection and analysis team;
  • Gain insight into the nature and extent of possible inequities in student engagement and outcomes in the courses they are interested in; and
  • Develop shared ideas and goals for instructional improvements with each other.

We expect participating teams to engage in approximately 3-4 meetings with us over a period of a few months. Your exact timeline will depend on the scope of analysis your team is interested in and the number of teams who request to participate. We may follow-up with your team if we have questions about your questionnaire responses, and will let you know about our initial selection decisions in mid October.

*We may solicit responses again at the start of Spring 2022; however, we strongly encourage interested teams to submit responses now as our capacity to work with teams will be naturally limited by the amount of data we can collect and analyze this academic year.

For more discussion about how to get involved and what you can gain from participating, please join us for Build Your Teaching Dream Team, a short workshop to be held on September 23, from 2-3 PM on Zoom or on September 27, from 2-3 PM on Zoom. (Use links to register to attend and receive Zoom information.)

We will give a short presentation on what kinds of student data collection and analysis our project team is offering to do in collaboration with you and your department colleagues. We will then open up a discussion about how you can form a department team and start working with the STEM Communities Project team. You will leave these workshops with a clear idea of what next steps you can take to form your teaching dream team with your colleagues and receive support from us.

A password-protected video-recording of last year's workshop presentation is available at this link: Please email us at for the password. 

Initial Questionnaire

When selecting teams for participation, we will look favorably at teams that include one or more team members who have participated in our other project events.  You can find a list of our past and upcoming events here.

We will revisit the following three questions with you in an initial consultation meeting, but would like to get a general sense of your interests now. You can find a menu of potential data collection and analysis that we can pursue for you here.


We would like you to establish a team leader who will be our primary point of contact during the selection and instructional assessment process. We expect team leaders to be proactive in communicating with us and other team members, responding to opportunities and challenges that might arise on your team, and convening meetings as needed. The team leader does not need to be the team member who is the most expert in teaching / education research or the highest ranked.

One factor that could influence your team’s ability to take action to address the findings of your self-assessment is the proportion of team members who are currently teaching / typically teach the courses you are interested in investigating.

Another factor that could influence your team’s future success is the support of your department chair. While we do not expect extensive chair involvement at this time, we encourage you to make your department chair aware of your ideas now and open up a space for conversation with them as you learn more about student engagement and outcomes in these courses.